Russia and North Korea Enter Practical Phase of Close Cooperation

North Korea’s Premier, Kim Deok-hoon, met with Oleg Kozhemyako, the head of the delegation from the Russian Federation, on Nov. 14, 2023, in North Korea. Image via KCNA.

SEOUL – On November 14, 2023, North Korean and Russian representatives met in Pyongyang for the 10th Meeting of the Committee for Cooperation in Trade, Economy, Science and Technology.

Full details of the discussions were not announced but seemed to revolve around follow-up measures related to the agreements reached at the bilateral summit held in Russia in September 2023.

The Russian delegation, led by Minister of Natural Resources Alexander Kozlov, also included Russia’s Minister of Sports, among others. It arrived in Pyongyang on the previous day, and a welcoming reception was held at the Koryo Hotel. 

The delegates discussed practical issues for cooperation in various fields.

Kozlov highlighted North Korea’s unwavering support for Russia in various respects, stating, “North Korea, fighting shoulder to shoulder against hegemonic forces on the front lines, is sending Russia full support in regional and international issues.”

North Korea’s External Economic Affairs Chairman, Yun Jong-ho, led the North Korean delegation and emphasized North Korea’s commitment to enhancing close contact and cooperation between the relevant sectors to promote bilateral relations in all fields and elevate them to a new level.

Meanwhile, a North Korean cultural delegation, headed by Director of Cultural Affairs Seung Jeong-gyu, departed from Pyongyang on December 14, 2023, to participate in the 9th International Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

These developments indicate that Russia and North Korea are entering a substantial phase of exchange and cooperation in various areas such as the military and economy.

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